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Mireille Bastin

Mireille Bastin

A self-taught artist, born in 1943, in Brussels, Belgium, Mireille adopts a naive style in painting her subjects. Harmonising perfectly the colours blue, mauve and pink, she makes us realise that solitude crosses our lives often like the characters in her paintings.

" Dames consultant la carte " - 1998 - Oil on canvas"La rencontre" - 1997 - Oil on canvas - 100 x 80 cm" Bebe aime " - 1990 - Oil on canvas - 40 x 60 cm" L'homme et l'animal "" Le papa, la maman et l'enfant "The round form of women and hills, the curves of the clouds reflecting itself in a very calm sea , the faithful presence of animals, companion ..... this precise sweetness used is not enough to make us forget the isolation of certain characters with transparent pupils or iris which is often empty.

The dramatic dimension of the subjects dealt with is in contrast to the meticulous process that gives rise to poetry. Sometimes an annotation of an entire poetry, these paintings have always titles containing a rhyme or a prose.

The National Art Museum of Brussels and The Museum of "Art Naif"3 in Paris have Mireille's works on permanent display. A painter having attained her full artistic maturity, would not be complete if we omit to speak of her humour... this humour tender and warm, that she sets upon the world.
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